A memory leak occurs when a process allocates memory from the paged or nonpaged pools, but does not free the memory. As a result, these limited pools of memory are depleted over time, causing Windows to slow down. If memory is completely depleted, failures may result. This section includes the following:

Memory leak - Wikipedia In computer science, a memory leak is a type of resource leak that occurs when a computer program incorrectly manages memory allocations in a way that memory which is no longer needed is not released. A memory leak may also happen when an object is stored in memory but cannot be accessed by the running code. A memory leak has symptoms similar to a number of other problems and generally can All You Need To Know About "Windows 10 Memory Leak" Error Aug 02, 2019 [SOLVED] Unknown Memory Leak - Win Server 2008 R2 Oct 03, 2013 Memory leak on Windows Server 2012 R2

If IIS is the only thing running, and there is still a memory leak, then something is drastically wrong with your system. Windows with nothing running does not use memory. If you are sure that IIS is the only thing running, you might want to try rebuilding the server and reinstalling IIS. Otherwise, it's time to call Microsoft.

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