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Connect to public WiFi and be safe– use a VPN! Everything has it’s pros and cons and the same is true for VPNs, they slow down your web traffic . VPNs can even make the internet almost unusable because of the way they’re built, performance is not really a priority. [Solved] how to access a public wifi from a router 2020-7-16 · The IP you listed in your posts above that show up on the router once it connects are public. I would expect if its a free wifi setup for the IPs its dishing out to be a private class (in this case, instead of Con Connect to Wi-Fi networks on your Android device - Android

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HELP! Can't connect to public wifi - Android Devices 2017-2-9 Why you should never, ever connect to public WiFi | CSO … When considering whether to connect to the public WiFi network at your local coffee shop, the airport, etc., I have two simple words of advice—don’t and DON’T.The massive flaw discovered in Connect to public wifi hotspot - Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange