Wireshark 1.1.2 up to 2.5 can use MaxMind's GeoIP (purchase) and GeoLite (free) databases to look up the city, country, AS number, and other information for an IP address. The for-purchase GeoIP City and GeoIP Country databases are more accurate than the free GeoLite City and GeoLite Country databases; free versions of the GeoIP Region, GeoIP

Wireshark · Display Filter Reference: Internet Protocol 278 rows How To Read IPv6 Addresses | Sniff free or die - Wireshark Many of Wireshark’s web sites have been available over IPv6 for a while and as I’ve looked through various capture files and server logs patterns have emerged. Most of the addresses in this post are from IPv6 traffic captured in late January 2011.

How do I filter on a range of ipv6 addresses, for example an ipv6 filter similar to ipv4 I would like to filter on ipv6 addresses on my lan fe80::/10 but cannot seem to find the correct syntax.

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Jul 23, 2012 · Wireshark is one of the best tool used for this purpose. In this article we will learn how to use Wireshark network protocol analyzer display filter. 1. Download and Install Wireshark. Download wireshark from here. After downloading the executable, just click on it to install Wireshark. 2. Select an Interface and Start the Capture

When/why would a device send a frame with - Wireshark I've been playing around with packet captures on my local network, and I ran into an odd behavior that seems to crop up occasionally. When establishing a TCP connection to an IPv4 host, I caught my iPhone sending an Ethernet frame with type 0x86dd but encapsulating an IPv4 packet (Frame no. 3 in pcap dump). Wireshark flags this as an undecodable mess, since the IPv6 version field is set to 4.